Day 1 – Arrival & Acclimatisation

On Saturday October 26th, the advance team & Steve Welch touched down at Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, West Yorkshire, UK. The advance team readied the lodging, plans, and other logistics necessary for a proper kickoff.

Steve headed to Mam Tor in the Peak District National Park to do one of his favourite activities: paragliding. He ascended the 570 Meters with his 45 pound Paraglider on his back. After a successful flight he took the opportunity to talk with fellow paragliders from the area about the IBM Citizenship health initiative on which he, and the team were about to embark. Later he would make a connection between the way that firefighters have transformed their services to what might be possible elsewhere in Government.


Back at Croft Mill, Tristan Pierce & Sophia Tu were busily laying the foundation for the teams’ maximum performance. Eleanor Joyce was getting all the healthy food & stocking team fridges, making healthy choices the easy choices. At the end of the day Mark Wakefield, IBM UK Corporate Citizenship Manager, put the final touches on his kickoff deck & reviewed his detailed schedule of incoming team members. Show time.