IBM Health Corps with American Cancer Society week 1 – What is a meaningful job?

unadjustednonraw_thumb_668What is a meaningful job?

By Gert Laursen – Senior Managing Consultant, GBS Denmark

Is it a smart title and a nice office? Perhaps, a meaningful job is what makes you able to provide for your family. It could be when you feel that you have good colleagues or you feel that you are useful to society. Maybe a meaningful job has to be an extension of your identify, which allows you to reshape the world in your own image.

Now, what if someone told you that you could contribute to saving thousands of lives and all you have to do is to invest 3 weeks of your time? And, what if you asked your family and they said: Go for it Dad, go to Washington, DC. Go and make sure that a mother will not lose a son to cancer and that a father can receive the treatment he requires to live and raise his daughter. Just go dad.

That is why and how I got here.

I am 3 weeks in Washington DC, as a member of the IBM Health Corps team working with the American Cancer Society. Our mission together is to design a tool, which will help African governments accurately forecast the right amount of cancer medicine, to the right hospitals, at the right time at the lowest possible costs. This will help Sub Saharan governments significantly increase access to cancer treatment to those already diagnosed with cancer and the 600.000 new cases of people which are struck with the cancer every year.

So here I am, out of office and on a quest together with 5 colleagues from IBM. We are doing one thing and one thing only; bringing world class technical expertise in data analytics and design to develop the best Chemotherapy Forecasting tool for low and middle income countries. IBM Health Corps is giving us this time to leave our mark on one of the biggest societal challenges of our time.

I feel privileged.



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