The Best of Bihar

By Mihaela Miches, Front-end developer with IBM Watson Health in Ireland, Proud IBM Health Corps team member working with CARE India

My top experiences so far:

  • This is my first time being outside of Europe!
  • Meeting so many top government officials in Bihar, from the Gates Foundation, and from CARE USA
  • Visiting a Sikh temple, a Buddhist temple, and attending a Hindu ceremony next to the Ganges river. This feeling of multiculturalism has been amazing to see.
  • Our trip to the big bazaar – darting through the traffic and hearing the constant honking
  • Everything we’ve eaten pretty much has been my first time trying it.
  • The friendliness and hospitality of everyone we’ve met
  • Being so hands-on with the design thinking activities and field research. I’ve enjoyed filling out the “AEIOU” worksheets when we’re in the field (A=activities, E=environment, I=interactions, O=objects, U=users). I don’t do this in my day-to-day job as a developer.
  • Being written up in a newspaper for the first time

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